Sunday, September 8, 2019

Welcome to the Desert Inn in Yeehaw Junction, FL

The Desert Inn  in #yeehawjunction #florida was founded as a trading post in the 1880. The present building dates before 1925 and served as a supply and recreational center for cattle drovers, lumber men and tourists during the era when much of #osceolacounty was still undeveloped wilderness in #southfl. Cowmen working the free ranging cattle on the palmetto prairie lands in #fl came to the Desert Inn to eat, drink and dance at this oasis in #beautifulfla where they could enjoy some relief from their arduous labors. Local patrons of the trading post and restaurant included African Americans and Seminoles who had to grapple with separate facilities during the era of segregation. The construction of roads in the 1930s brought tourists to the area and a set of overnight cabins were erected behind the original building. While the Desert Inn was still a popular place to stop, this historical roadside motel is now closed. Stopping by today off of the #flturnpike I very much enjoyed the ‘Jackass Crossing’ mural at the crossroads of SR60 S Kenansville Rd and #us441 #nrhp #history #lovefl #floridahistory (at Desert Inn and Restaurant)

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